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Weekend People

”Weekend People” is our latest literary contribution to Snitt (Magazine for Visual Communication). Weekend magazines like Dagbladet’s ”Magasinet”, Dagens Næringsliv ”D2” and The New York Times magazine constantly put more emphasis on design, typography and journalism.

Cathrine Olsen from A&O and Sissel Hoffeng has spoken to three Norwegian and three international AD’s about their visions. Janet Froelich from The New York Times’ Style magazine is considered one of the world’s most influential AD’s. - My inspiration for the typography of our magazines has always come from ideas about The New York Times, and its history, she says.

Anne Brun og Adam Billyead collaborated on the visual development of "D2" (Dagens Næringsliv). They say that Anne’s master thesis from college has been a major source of inspiration. At Bergen National Academy of the Arts, she studied newspaper design, and the typephase Fedra.

Dagbladets “Magasinet” has been around for much longer than other weekend magazines, yet it is constantly renewing itself in order to maintain its exclusive image. –The main idea is that ”Magasinet” should be delicate and classy, yet at the same time a true child of Dagbladet, says Torfinn Solbrekke, an earlier employee at Dagbladet. You can download the full feature (in Norwegian) here

Oslo 13.10.08