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Web discrimination

We decided to challenge Norwegian web accessibility in the latest issue of SNITT (Magazine for Visual Communication). 130 000 Norwegians are excluded from the web because of designer’s and developer’s ignorance or lack of knowledge.

This is the Norwegian Association of the Blind’s official number of blind or partially sighted people. It amounts to three percent of our adult population.

Accessible web design, or ”accessibility”, is about making information available for everyone. Today there are applications, or so-called screen readers, which interprets the content and reads it out loud to the disabled viewer. It only works if the sites are coded according to standard practice.

Our tests showed that we have a long way to go before reaching a non-discriminating world wide web. We expected the Norwegian Association of the disabled to have set a good example, but their list of technical warnings was exessive. The testing of the Norwegian Storting (government)’s website ended up with time out, as the number of technical warnings was too much for our test tool to handle. You can download the full feature (in Norwegian) here.

Oslo 01.04.08