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Kick-off for Operation Dayswork

A&O won the bid on this yearís OD campaign, and held a kick-off seminar at Villa Stenersen this weekend!

Every year, 200 000 Norwegian high school students take a day off to support a selected education project in developing countries. Approximately 30 million NOK is earned in total each year. The campaign for 2008 will be supporting education for young women in Bangladesh.

Villa Stenersen, formerly the official Norwegian prime minister residency, is situated at peacefull area of Vinderen. We made use of the full property as we gave ODís ten youth representative a two-day crash course on advertising.

The aim of the seminar was to come up with the basic idea of the campaign strategy. Gradually, ideas were flowing whilst timers were ticking. The youth worked worked freely with text and images, and ended up handing over a solid range of ideas and sketches to A&O. We are looking to develop the ideas further during the next weeks!

Oslo 21.04.08